College Ambassador

No longer accepting male applicants.


Rowdy Americans is looking to potentially bring on board a few more campus ambassadors. You would be the first line of interacting with your peers in a social setting with the hope of expanded an ever growing company across this great nation. Being a Rowdy American is a full-time state of being, you are the frontline of America's defenses against the ever-growing terrorism that is pursued by the un-American people living in this country. Putting your name alongside Rowdy Americans is a privilege, however it is also a burden, you will most certainly receive complaints from liberals on your campus. However, if you are here I am sure that you'll quickly tell them that you don't care.

Every ambassador will be rewarded based upon how they conduct themselves (if they're true Rowdy Americans). The more that you are doing the more you will be rewarded. You are here because you are a patriot and believe in capitalism, which means that you will not be receiving handouts because you want them. If this sounds like something you are interested in, go ahead and send us your information!

Tell us about yourself, what you're involved with on your campus, what makes you a true Rowdy American, and what sets you aside from everyone else. In addition add anything that you think may be important in our decision making process, don't feel overwhelmed though, think of it as speaking to an old friend.

If you get Rowdy and are a true American, you might be the next Rowdy Americans Campus Ambassador.


Stay Rowdy,

Ryan Collins

Owner & Operator

Rowdy Americans